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Echoes in My Head and in My Heart

Blondie - deviantArt contest fanfic

ssjkuja's fanfiction

Kuja - Amano style

Blondie - deviantArt contest fanfic

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Kuja - Amano style
Title: Blondie
Fandom: Batman: The Brave and the Bold - based on the Twitter role-playing of Killer Moth and the Music Meister
Characters: The Music Meister and Killer Moth
Ratings/Warnings: PG. Worst that happens is men spooning in Arkham.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Music Meister and Killer Moth. They belong to their respective companies and creators, and are only being used here for some non-profit entertainment.

Summary: This is the ficlet I'm entering in this contest on deviantArt. I've edited it a few times and, after taking in what critique there is to get here too, I'll upload it for the contest. As mentioned above, this is based on Killer Moth and the Music Meister as seen in their zany Twitter accounts (@MrKillerMoth and @TheMusicMeister), which are absolutely hilarious and Music Meister is an asshole. Arguments, antics and rocket-powered pianos - how could you go wrong? The only three things you need to know when reading this fic are:
a) Music Meister and Moth are cellmates.
b) There's a running joke that MM and Moth spoon together sometimes, which apparently started one very cold night in Arkham and they've done it when it gets cold ever since.
c) In one tweet, MM said he was practising pick-up lines for Black Canary on Moth-in-a-blond-wig.
(No, they're not gay, they're just in prison.)

The one thing I'm a little unsure of is the ending, so comments on that would be especially appreciated. ♥

Made a few little edits.


"I said no! Put it away and go to bed!"

The Music Meister leaned in closer and held the blond wig to his cellmate's face with an angry shake. "Just wear it!"


"Why not?!"

"You just want to imagine you're in bed with Canary!"


Killer Moth looked up with pleading eyes. "I don't appreciate being used like that! We've spooned without it before. Why do you have to do this now?"

"Because I realized it's a little less gay with you wearing it."

"For you! If I'm wearing the wig, that makes me the girl."

"Moth," began the Music Meister, his expression deadpan. "You are the girl between the two of us."

"I am not!" retorted the other villain huffily.

"That was a pretty girly answer just now."

"Well I'm not! I've been the big spoon before! That's where the man is when people spoon!"

"You only got to be the big spoon because I let you. Now put the wig on before I make you put it on and sing 'Barbie Girl' to Joker in the morning. I hear he likes blonds."

Killer Moth gulped, dread overcoming him. He slowly reached for the wig.

"That's better," the Music Meister stated triumphantly.

The wig changed hands, bringing half an hour of arguing to an end. As he stared at it, Killer Moth's eyes narrowed. "You say I'm the girly one, but you're the one who's into musicals-"

With a final warning glare from his cellmate, Killer Moth quickly silenced himself and put the wig on. The Music Meister got into bed pulled him into a spoon position. As they settled in, Killer Moth felt his cellmate cuddling a little closer than usual and cringed.

“Music Meister?”

“What? I’m trying to - “

“Tell me I’m pretty.”
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