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Echoes in My Head and in My Heart

The Twilight - DDD Drabble Special

ssjkuja's fanfiction

Kuja - Amano style

The Twilight - DDD Drabble Special

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Kuja - Amano style
Title: The Twilight
Fandom: dramadramaduck
Character(s): Demyx, itty bit of OC
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own Demyx, he belongs to Square-Enix. This is written just for entertainment purposes.

Summary: So alas, Demyx is being dropped from DDD. Last night instead of letting me sleep, my muse came up with a drabble idea and decided to write most of it out in my brain...but it came out well so it's all good I guess. I wasn't as happy with the beginning but ah well. Writers don't need sleep anyway. This is just supposed to be the moment the spell thingy is being cast. I suppose this is like a final tribute and goodbye to Demyx then. <3 He will be missed!
A quick explanation of DDD canon for those who need it: Yuuko of xxxHolic fame made an offer to Demyx  that she could restore his heart, but the price would be all of his memories as a Nobody. Last night he decided to take the offer and as such would be leaving the comm. Dyme is the decided name of pre-Nobody Demyx.

            When it began – the spell, the ritual, whatever it could be called – Demyx felt only a numbing warmth. His eyes had nothing to focus on as the world seemed to grow dark, save for the light of the magic weaving it’s patterns around him.


            The lights began to grow brighter, and he knew it what it meant. A part of him that he had sought for so long was coming back to him; he almost felt like asking, “where have you been?”


            Then he felt it finally rejoining him, completing him. As much as he could have loved the time he had spent and the people he had met as Demyx, the feeling of becoming whole again was not something he’d regret – even in the last few seconds he had before becoming Dyme again.


            A warm blast suddenly shot through his chest, and for the first time in so long he could feel again. And yet he was still Demyx, now with all the sensations that only a heart could provide. He was caught in the twilight between Nobody and Somebody, in that moment in which he was both, being a Nobody who could feel. Suddenly, everything he had wanted to experience in the years he was without a heart came to him in a tenfold rush.


            Demyx looked out in front of him; he knew those who he loved and had come to love him were there, assembled to see him off. Once again they had become visible to him. He smiled, more brightly and more truly than he ever had been able to before. Tears streaked down his cheeks, every happy and sad and infuriating moment that would’ve called for them before pouring from his clear eyes.


            He smiled to say he loved them. He smiled to tell them he was not afraid, and they shouldn’t be either. He smiled to tell them that they would never leave him, ever.


            Any song he would write or play or even hear would be for them, even if he didn’t know it.


            Darkness came again, washing out even the dimming lights of the magic around him. Just as the rejoining of his heart had sent sensation throughout him, the growing darkness consumed him utterly, as if he was shrinking in his own skin. So with his wordless smile, he bid them farewell.



            When Dyme awoke, groggy and disoriented, the first thing he wondered was, “where am I?” The second was “how long have I been out?”


            The third was “why have I been crying?”

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