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Echoes in My Head and in My Heart

WSED - Original fiction - more Unan writing

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Kuja - Amano style

WSED - Original fiction - more Unan writing

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Kuja - Amano style
Title: untitled
Fandom: Original fiction (set in the fantasy world I'm developing, called Vivern)
Character(s): All original characters - Thask, Ruba and Sezil
Rating/Warnings: Snark
Disclaimer: These characters and their world are my intellectual property. Please don't steal them or otherwise abuse anything here for personal gain.

Summary: See the summary of this story for the rough explanation of what an Unan is. I like this piece better than the last one - the dialogue flows better, in my opinion. The funny thing is, these characters aren't even the main characters, but I keep writing about them. (Well, I'm still deciding on main characters actually, but I digress.) And of course, it feels good to get back on track with the "write something everyday" thing. :3

“We’ve been over this before,” said Thask as he raised his head from his hand. “We have sufficient guards at our border. The Elves are uncomfortable enough as it is with their numbers. Why are you trying to send more? Are you daft in the head?”

“Am I daft? Thask, they’re our enemies! Let them be ‘uncomfortable’! You almost sound like you’re pandering to those pointy-eared - “

Sezil’s sentence died in the air as his chief got up and left. By the time he went out the door to follow, Thask already sat in a branch two trees away. Ruba stopped him from continuing his pursuit.

“I’m trying to protect our place in this forest! Why won’t he listen?”

Ruba sighed, already irritated with him. “He’s trying to avoid starting a war, you idiot.”

“And I’m not telling him to start one! I’m telling him to raises our defenses in case the Elves do!”

“There’s another thing, right there: he’s the chief, you don’t tell him anything. At this point you’re lucky he even lets you suggest.”

“When the Elves attack us, he’ll be the one whom everyone calls an idiot.”

“All right, let’s say you get your way and we raise our border defenses. What happens when the Elves start raising theirs in response? What if they attack because they see what we’re doing as a sign that we’re preparing to attack first? What - “

“All you have are ‘what ifs’, Ruba. I know they’re going to attack!

“How? Are you spying on them?”

Sezil opened his mouth with nothing to say.

“You’re paranoid and you think you have the right to tell our chief - your chief - that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Well you may think you have the balls, but balls are easily bruised. Now you need to settle down or I will settle you down in a cot in the healer’s tree.

Thask watched Sezil walk away, the humiliation nearly tangible even from where he sat. He didn’t bother to hide the triumphant smile on his face. Some might comment that Ruba fought that battle for him, but if Thask fought it himself, Sezil would have to be carried away.
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