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What Kadaj Likes

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Kuja - Amano style

What Kadaj Likes

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Kuja - Amano style
Title: What Kadaj Likes
Author: ssjkuja
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Characters: Kadaj and Aerith
Pairings: Kerith
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own Kadaj, Aerith or FFVII: AC.

Summary: Although it was Oki and her Kerith club on the ACF that really got me into Kerith, I had thought from the moment I saw the end of Advent Children that Kadaj and Aerith would be adorable together. One thing that makes the whole Kerith/Keris relationship interesting is that it could swing in a few different directions - mother/son, romantic or friendly. It leaves plenty of fun open doors for them. In fact, I'm glad this turned out in such a way where it doesn't specifically indicate what kind of relationship they have, heh heh. Anyway, this is a little Kerith drabble I did the other day, and there will probably be more later.

Kadaj didn’t like flowers. His brothers didn’t like flowers either, in fact. He wasn’t quite sure what it was about them that truly made him dislike them, though he could list a few contributing factors off the top of his head.

They smell weird. How could so many people enjoy that strange scent they made? It’s not fragrant, it’s pungent. They all smell the same to him, and they all smell weird. And what do flowers actually do besides stick out of the ground and look pretty? Even then, they aren’t all that pretty. Stupid, smelly plants.

However, there were rare occasions where Kadaj did manage to enjoy flowers; namely, whenever Aerith enjoyed them, he did too. She loved flowers; she loved how they looked, how they smelled, she even loved taking care of them. In fact, she seemed to love taking care of them most of all, like a little plot of blooming children. She smiled because of them, and Kadaj liked them because of it. Kadaj would pick flowers and unhappily wonder why she liked them, but when she smiled and thanked him for the little bouquet, her funny tastes in plants became forgotten.

Kadaj liked flowers so long as Aerith was enjoying them.

But she always seemed to be enjoying the flowers…

Kadaj liked flowers after all.
  • Aww, now that was just cute as hell! <3~!
    • I saw it last night. <3<3<3 It is cute! I actually tear wibbled XD
  • AWWWWWWWWWWE....That was just SO ADORABLE!!!!

    ....it makes me want to draw a picture of Kadaj handing Aerith a flower looking all sheepish...tee hee...
  • Awwww.

    Hey this is Aer_seph. Wow. The first thing I have to say is.... Whoa! You must think a lot like me, because I was gonna put a filler chappie in TLAA2 where Kadaj and Aeris have a talk about their like/dislike of flowers. Kadaj simply cannot understand the purpose of them. Aeris tries to reason their purpose through their beauty. However Kadaj states how Aeris is more beautiful than the flowers surrounding her. Awww,

    Then, at the end of the scene, Kadaj gives Aeris a large bouquet of wild flowers and states something like..'In the promised land, I will make sure that u will always be surrounded with flowers Mother.'

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